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> Fecha:  Fri, 11 Dec 2015 22:54:45 +0700
> Asunto:  Re: [sqlite] Problem when upgrading from FTS3/4 
> toFTS5modules(revisited)
>Are you able to compile a debugging build of SQLite and set a breakpoint 
>in sqlite3CorruptError()?
>Assuming the breakpoint is triggered within the DROP TABLE IF EXISTS 
>statement (pretty good chance), the stack trace will tell us more about 
>the form of corruption SQLite thinks it has found.

By the way, diggin in Google for solutions, I gave a try to the complete syntax 
for the DROP TABLE query, and has found that the form "DROP TABLE IF EXIST 
table_name.ftsm" goes flawlessly.


- I've a workaround to the problem.

- I'm pretty sure that the problem isn't in my code.


Adolfo J. Millan

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