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While certainly, the thread has derived from the concept of the OP, and even 
some think that this kind of discussion is out of place, I must confess that I 
enjoy greatly with this type of thread, that seem to me like images of certain 
books that seem too dry without them. Usually I learn a lot from them, because 
readed dispassionately, the contributions of the various comments -which by the 
way tend to be fairly level- often clarify and put in context, aspects that are 
important. From the allegation of the Mozilla Wiki, to the response of Dr. 
Hipp, passing through the funny misidentification of Alex Bowden (who does not 
make mistakes?).

That said, I would like to complete the opinion of Aleksey Tulinov:

>In my opinion best database language would reflect the way in which 
>database works and best computer programming language would reflect the 
>way in which computer works, as close as reasonably possible.

I think the best database language should reflect how earthlings think about 
the data, and the best computer programming language would reflect easily the 
result we want get from them.


A. J. Millan

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