CypherMK wrote: 
> On the LMS side, it shouldn't crash because of a bad file. My opinion. 
> And what about the Perl interpreter I mentioned in my previous post?

just google buffer overflow if you want...
Its easy to say - the software should be hardend against rubbish files -
but its much easier to say "rubbishfiles belongs to the bin not to the
dining table".
Its not easy to get a statement for every possible error - unless you
have plenty of time.

eg a -get stamp from file- is easy and fast - something like -call get
stamp from file and unless the call didnt tell back the file is ok-.

CypherMK wrote: 
> Perl interpreter failed at
> /<C:\PROGRA~1\SQUEEZ~1\server\SQUEEZ~3.EXE>Slim/Utils/ line
> 165.

And no we cant discuss about the other part - i dont discuss about
ovious things - you may find a wall that wants to talk with you about

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