Hi - I'm not sure how long this has been happening (looks like I asked a
similar question here a while ago and the condition cleared up) bu when
I access system preferences (OSX El Capitan on Macmini) and click on LMS
and then the Information tab, I get a dialog box requesting 

"to view this page, you must log in to this area on localhost:9000" 

When I use my LMS password, it is rejected.  (the password works when I
login from my laptop to, and then settings and then
information tab.)  When I enter the URL "http://localhost:9000"; on the
mac mini, it opens LMS fine.

I have deleted my preferencepane, even reloaded LMS (7.9).
When I try to stop LMS from the preference pane, I never get the message
"the server is stopped".  when I click on stop server, the message "the
server is running" remains.  I have to go into system monitor to stop

Any suggestions?

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