mherger wrote: 
> > Yes, that was it.  I turned off password protection and System
> > Preferences>LMS>Information displayed without any dialog box log in .
> > I turned it back on and the dialog box popped up immediately.  My
> > username/password still didn't work here, although it works for all
> > other LMS logins.
> Ok, seems to indeed be broken. That's not good. Because I don't really 
> want to get into working on this again: the prefpane was built on OSX 
> 10.5 (xcode 3?), and building it with a newer version would require 
> moving to 64bits only, change code to not use garbage collection etc...
> -- 
> Michael

Ouch!  Too much work. There are other items wrong with the preference
pane, at least in my installation. Library tab doesn't show any entries,
but using the web and settings reveals that they are there.  I
occasionally can't use the 'stop server' option 0 the server stays
running, I have to stop perl first.  But don't sweat it, I don't use the
preference pane that often, only just to rescan, but I can just as
easily use the settings.

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