hi all, 
having a plugin for Tidal has greatly extended life of my LMS ecosystem
and for most part - it works very very well !
However, on different platforms (Intel/Linux and OdroidC2/Linux) and in
2 different coutnries where i lived/live (Singapore and Spain) - I have
several playlists marked as favourits. Very often when i go on Home >
TIDAL > My Favorites > Playlists and click on any of the favourite
playlists - it loads lot less songs (i.e. list of songs to play on the
righthandside in browser) ... happens also on e.g. Top20 tracks playlist
that Tidal hosts etc etc.
However, if i use iPeng - it works fine., but from a browser - not

As I was writing this - i realised it does not seem to happen with
Safari but with Chrome almost always. So it's frontend/browser issue.
Anyone has any experience (except using Safari and not Chrome) :) ?
thanks !!!

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