Im runnning  7.9.0 - 1443165052.   I have 158 misc tracks in the Zapped
playlist.     When playing random mixes, tracks are still played that
exist in the Zapped playlist.    This never used to happen.    Can
anyone shed some light on this issue?     Thanks!

Joggler O2/Squeezeplay OS w/EDO hack->Monoprice USB ->W4S DSDse ->
Cardas Golden Reference XLR -> Sim Audio P-5 -> Cardas Golden Reference
XLR -> Sim Audio W-5 -> Cardas Golden Reference Hi-Mid,PS Audio Xstream
Plus Low-> Magnepan 3.6R  /// Joggler O2/SqueezePlay OS w/EDO hack
->USB-> Oppo HA-1  -> AKG K550
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