JJZolx wrote: 
> OP, one thing you can do would be to add the year to an ALBUMSORT field
> in your files. Not the album name, so it wouldn't be visible to you, but
> it would you give the desired effect. And if you ever play all songs in
> a genre you can also include the artist name in addition to the year.
> Something like this:
> ALBUM=The Queen Is Dead
> ALBUMSORT=Smiths, The 1986 Queen Is Dead, The
> YEAR=1986
> The only downside to this is that you'd lose the ability to sort albums
> by their actual name.

Thanks a lot JJZolx. It seems like a good idea - better than adding the
year to the start of the album names as I have tried in some cases. Now
I can simply copy from YEAR to ALBUMSORT in MP3Tag :D

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