Then first off all, thanks for al the great work and support.

Here on a Qnap nas systemen working perfect, installed version
And works great, feels faster.

mherger wrote: 
> > Will this also be the case, for the Logitech Media Server: Unix
> Tarball
> > (i386, x86_64, i386 FreeBSD, ARM EABI, PowerPC).
> > As i maintain the installation for the QNap, curious to check if it
> > works.
> Yes. All of them. It's an entirely new build system.
> -- 
> Michael

maintainer of QLogitechMediaServer, QOptware-NG and QAutoSub.

Qnap TS-453a, with LogitechMediaSever 7.9.1 ( with spotty and youtube )
Serval raspberry with hifiberry amp+ and picoreplayer.
Love logitechmediaserver for it flexibel way, to play music from
different sources.*
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