Well of course I don't have a solution, when did I

You said in your first post that you run the Mac-mini headless, in a
subsequent post, that it is connected to a TV and you use Jivelite for

Much more useful information in the latter post.

Our user cases are completely different, as I run the Mac-Mini totally

I have the updater set to "Daily" and Download".

I use either a 'phone or tablet app to controll LMS and every 7/10 days
open the web gui on my windows Desktop to see any messages re Plugin or
software updates. 

Then; bish, bash, bosh, it's done.

It's hardly tasking.:)

If you run LMS from a .deb package (raspberry pi for example) then when
there is an update, one can just click through, the same with pCP.

I can't remember if Plugin restarts are done in the same manner, but one
still needs to access the LMS web gui periodically for the update

If one wants to automate the update procedure, I guess you could run the
MAC equivilent of a cron job, but I have absolutely no idea how one does


à bientôt:)

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