weuw wrote: 
> Hello
> And thanks for C3PO Plugin !
> I've noticed something strange on my system : when I check C3PO flip
> channels, the sound seems louder and even better than without checking
> it...!
> What does it do exactly ?
> Thanks
> Serge
You could check the RESULTING COMMANDS section of C-3PO player settings
to see what the actual command looks like in your system, in mine, where
I have a reduction in the RIGHT channel, this is the resulting command
for flac:

  flc pcm * 00:e0:4c:68:ce:77
  # F noArgs, R noArgs, I noArgs, D RESAMPLE=-r %d
  [flac] -dcs --totally-silent $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [sox] -q -t wav - -t 
wav -b 24 --buffer 32768 --multi-threaded - gain -h remix -m 1v0.91 2 rate -v 
-M -b 95 48000 dither -f improved-e-weighted
  that becomes:
  flc pcm * 00:e0:4c:68:ce:77
  # D RESAMPLE=-r %d, I noArgs, R noArgs, F noArgs
  [flac] -dcs --totally-silent $START$ $END$ -- $FILE$ | [sox] -q -t wav - -t 
wav -b 24 --buffer 32768 --multi-threaded - gain -h remix -m 2v0.91 1 rate -v 
-M -b 95 48000 dither -f improved-e-weighted

As you could see, the only difference is -m, wher channels are inverted
(first is out Left, second is Right, 1 is input left, 2 input right,
v0.91 stand for volume 91% of the input channel).

Depending on other settings adding "remix -m" or, in general, gain/
volume alteration could result in SOX claiming back the headroom in
excess, resulting in a sound louder, gain -h (option automatic headroom)
is there to avoid clippings.

BTW, the SOX volume control is considered one of the best out there but
be sure dither is applied when needed.

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