OK thanks for the guidance.  Full log attached showing RPi/PcP 3.22
being turned on at 06.35.  It then ran (BBC iPlayer live stream) until
20:07 as mentioned in original post.  
The PC with Squeezelite starts at 19:01 and runs (same BBC iPlayer live
stream) until 20:00.

LMS is v7.9.1  Vortexbox 2.4 image (upgraded from 2.3 9 months ago) on a
bespoke server.  Its been working for 5 years without showing the recent
symptoms.  I haven't tried setting up another server yet as I was hoping
to troubleshoot the one I have. It is not a high power machine but it
does serve Plex (but isn't running anything else when the faults

PcP 3.22 on RPi3.  No network issues should exist - mesh network with
excellent signal strength and fibre broadband.  I've turned on the
Squeezelite logging and will post information if/when the problem
reoccurs but as it is also happening on my Win10 PC, I presumes that a
server issue was more probable.

|Filename: server (5).zip                                           |
|Download: http://forums.slimdevices.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24672|

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