bpa wrote: 
> make sure you have latest LMS 7.9.1
> Try making the player to use "proxied"  (WebUI Settings/Player/Audio)
> IIRC For some distro a Perl SSL module may be needed.
> edit:
> Module maybe IO::Socket::SSL

Thanks, bpa.
Just tried proxied streaming - still no audio :-(
Also, I addressed a while ago the IO::Socket::SSL issue, if I remember
(Although I dont recall how to verify that it still works...)

Any further ideas?

My system:
LMS 7.9 on modded Open Peak Joggler running Roobarbs SqueezePlay OS.
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5 x Squeezebox Classic
1 x Controller
2 x Squeeze Commander (on 2 rooted Nook Touch e-reader)
X x Squeezeplay & Jivelites on various PC's & Laptops
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