philippe_44 wrote: 
> I've tried that before answering and had the same issue than the OP.
> Seems that there is something else - i can confirm that the MP3 urls are
> fine. There might be some redirection problem, I did not have time to
> investigate, too many things to do currently. I know Michael mentionned
> that he enabled https recently in LMS and he is pushing to have it
> enabled in squeezelite (players can signal https support for direct
> streaming). I will try to look at that in the coming months

Thanks, Philippe! At least I know its not my system, bit something
systematic with LMS....
(I tried both soft- and hardware players...)

My system:
LMS 7.9 on modded Open Peak Joggler running Roobarbs SqueezePlay OS.
1 x Slimp3
5 x Squeezebox Classic
1 x Controller
2 x Squeeze Commander (on 2 rooted Nook Touch e-reader)
X x Squeezeplay & Jivelites on various PC's & Laptops
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