Out of my over 10k albums indexed on LMS, there are a few that won't
play on LMS.  When I try to play them, it would display an error message
saying "Can't open file for...".  The files themselves seem pretty
normal.  They're 16/44 files, with metadata displayed perfectly on LMS,
and play fine directly on my computer on my phone, but won't play via
LMS to Squeezelite or to the computer or phone via LMS DLNA plugin.  I
tried rescanning the whole library and it does not seem to be an
indexing issue.  I normally set LMS to transcode flac to wav (for a
slight SQ benefit), but when I set it to play flac natively, the files
would play.  I can't see why these particular files can't be

Any idea what could be causing that?


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