One of the recent posts talked about port forwarding, and led to other
posts about the security settings. In settings I  changed the blocking
status and  deleted some unrecognized web address. I think I've locked
myself out. How can I get back to the settings page so I can fix it?

Living Room: Pi3 w/Allo Digione Player (Wired), Max2Play w/LMS Server
7.9 and SqueezeLite
Pioneer Elite VSX 80, KEF LS50's, Paradigm SE Center, SVS SB12-NSD
Subwoofer, Paradigm Atom v.5 Surrounds
Harmony Smart Control w/Hub
Dining Room: KEF Q100's
Anywhere Else As Needed: Logitech Boom
Router: Asus RT-N56U
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