sfraser wrote: 
> Been running LMS on a PI3 for quite sometime. Scans are slow as music
> library is not local to the Pi but  located on a NAS , and Pi 3 network
> interface speed is limited. What I thought was slow search times etc.
> actually turned out to be my Squeeze Ctrl remote control app. When
> searching directly from the browser everything is pretty snappy.  I am
> interested in finding out if the additional RAM on the Pi4 can be
> utilized by LMS with a dedicated install.
> Running a  later nightly build on top of Max2play with at least 6
> players scattered throughout the house.

With a Pi4 and files on a NAS mounted by NFS the scan time is
appreciably quicker than a Pi3 in similar mode. This is with the db on
the Pi not on the NAS. 
That said a Pi4 is not as quick as an old HP Microserver with SSD for
the OS and db but files on the NAs via NFS. Its the SSD which stores the
db that makes most difference.

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