> On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 20:51 +0200, Tsantilas Christos wrote:
>> Maybe it was better if the files lib/assert.c and include/assert.h
>> removed and the assert macro  defined in squid.h file like squid2.6
>> does...
> It looks like Array, MemPool, and splay files are using assert outside
> of src/ so you will not be able to remove include/assert.h. However, you
> may be able to declare xassert in include/assert.h while defining it in
> src/Debug.cc.
> The assert #define in src/Debug.h should probably be moved to
> include/assert.h. These #defines must be the same.
> When we get a better VCS, we should discuss moving include/ and lib/
> stuff into src/ with the exception of 3rd party code. This would avoid
> problems created by that artificial boundary.

What I have been mulling over after seeing code heirarchy like this:

/include + /lib  == C library functions for portability (autotools
requires these here).

?somewhere? == third party additions (currently /lib/<name>/*

/src/ == core code at lowest level

/src/<module> == 'independant' module code. namely the files like existing
ICAP, FS, Auth code. But making sure that all the other independant code
gets its own sub-dirs too (thinking each server-side gateway, pinger,
ESI, Others?)

Have I understood the earlier plans right? I think its a good structure,
but as you say needs a better VCS to implement fully.


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