> On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 11:10 +1300, Amos Jeffries wrote:
>> * Obsolete typedefs.h (underway)
>>         - remove all unneeded typedefs
>>         - move all needed typedefs to their appropriate headers
>>         - fix compile errors
>> * Add automatic testing for header dependency
>>         - script to perform universal include unit-test for .h files
>>         - link to automatic unit-testing in each directory
>>         - fix the compile errors!
>> * Obsolete protos.h
>>         - move all protos to their appropriate header files
>>         - add includes for headers where needed.
>> * Obsolete structs.h
>>         - move all structs to their appropriate header files
>>         - move modular configuration in to *Config.h files
>>           (discussion on exactly what the modules are)
>> * Auto-doc the API for modules decided above
>> * Move files into appropriate sub-dirs based on modules
> Amos,
>     All sounds good, except I do not understand the "Add automatic
> testing for header dependency" blob. Can you describe that in more
> detail? What is it, and why do we need it?

I am thinking along the lines of unit-testing the compilation of each *.h

At present a fvery few of the important .h files have a hard-coded .cc in
the tests directory and that gets built when unit-testing. All it does is
"#include <something.h>"

What I'm planning is a test-suite script that when passed a directory,
scans it for all .h files. Writes the .cc and attempts a build. Any
compile errors are dependancy errors needing a fix.

That would speed-track the dependancy testing in future with no need for
manually adding these tests, or a large set of files for them. It is
particularly useful for the struct and proto re-arranging.


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