On Sat, Feb 16, 2008, Tsantilas Christos wrote:

> > Wrapper calls most probably do have some penalties. With increasing
> > delays on back-compat wrappers-on-wrappers as time (and changes) go by
> > if they are not culled out.
> The wrapper calls  normally have a minimal penalty. But depending the
> design of a eCAP library maybe it is required to copy/convert data
> structures for use with the eCAP library. This may have performance penalty.

As long as the wrapper calls are simply wrappers, and not providing
different semantics or data layouts, then yes - the penalty will be low.

> PS.  I actually believe that it must exists a squid external utility
> library which will be used by both squid and modules. But OK this looks
> difficult right now...

Its been talked about for Squid-3 for quite some time but noone seems
to have properly untangled the mess.

I started working on this in my Squid-2 branch; this upset some people. :)
I actually got quite far.


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