Hi Adrian,

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 16, 2008, Tsantilas Christos wrote:
> .................
>> PS.  I actually believe that it must exists a squid external utility
>> library which will be used by both squid and modules. But OK this looks
>> difficult right now...
> Its been talked about for Squid-3 for quite some time but noone seems
> to have properly untangled the mess.

OK, but this is not a requirement, squid3 is enough good without it. And
become better day by day. There is significant progress.

> I started working on this in my Squid-2 branch; this upset some people. :)

It is not that it will upset some people... it is just that we would
have better results if all developers are spending their squid
development time working on the same general direction...

> I actually got quite far.


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