On 13.02.20 16:18, Patrícia Sousa wrote:
Enabling debug_options I can see that the wget from the machine computer to
the Squid machine does not goes through the proxy. Any idea why?

Because you apparently haven't configured anything to use the proxy.

Squid is a proxy, not a firewall, and it does not block connections to your
Also, SQUID can only support HTTP and HTTPS connections, not SSH.

SSH and other TCP connections can be tunnelled through proxy, but the
clients need to be configured to use HTTP proxy, if they support it.

Felipe Arturo Polanco <felipeapola...@gmail.com> escreveu no dia quinta,
13/02/2020 à(s) 15:32:
For this, you need to use IPtables to block at the network level.

SSH uses port 22/tcp but wget uses HTTP, it should have been blocked by
Enabled debug_options in squid to see why it was allowed.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 11:10 AM Patrícia Sousa <psous...@gmail.com>

I'm using the squid proxy and I'm trying to block some connections
(incoming and outcoming traffic) from a certain ip address. However, for
example, if I deny all the connections (http_access deny all) it only
blocks the connections that I made to websites for example, but if I use
another PC and try to ssh or wget the PC that owns the proxy squid, it is
allowed. How can I block the traffic from and to a specific IP or DNS? It
is possible to do this with Squid?

If not, what is the best way to do this?

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