Juha Heinanen writes:

> Sep 16 21:43:09 lohi /usr/bin/pres-serv[29250]: INFO: presence 
> [publish.c:305]: handle_publish(): ***** event name/content_type/type 
> 'message-summary'/'application/simple-message-summary'/2
> Otherwise OK, but type does not match event name:

Type 2 means PUBL_TYPE which is OK.  event_parser gets it right:

Sep 16 22:20:06 lohi /usr/bin/pres-serv[31096]: INFO: <core> 
[parser/parse_event.c:115]: event_parser(): ********* event type of 
'message-summary' is 6

Still have not figured out why xml document parsing.

-- Juha

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