Hi everyone.
I’m developing a ios voip application that uses the new ios10 CallKit function.
Before iso10 apple supported voip socket, so when an app is started it connects 
permanently to the sip server.
Unfortunately , for app compiled against ios10 sdk this method has been removed 
and all voip application should adopt pushkit.
I’m actually doing some tests and i’ve decided to use kamailio as sip server. 
my goal actually is that:
if the user is not registered kamailio launches a script in the server that 
sends apns to apple server and as soon as the device is registered sends invite 
command to che client.
if user is already registered sends directly the invite request to the client.
does anyone know if there’s something already done / ready to use ? if not can 
anyone point me to what i need to read to accomplish this action ? 
( as i said, as it’s only for testing pourpouse i don’t need any particular 
check about if client is ios or method to get the client token ) 
Thanks in advance

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