you can achieve this in Kamailio suspending the request's transaction and
resuming it later when a REGISTER comes from the callee's device.
Have a look at my presentation at Kamailio World 2015:
There are routing script snippets that should help you understand how to
implement this with Kamailio.



On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 6:49 PM, Tiziano Faion <tizi...@e-tip.net> wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I’m developing a ios voip application that uses the new ios10 CallKit
> function.
> Before iso10 apple supported voip socket, so when an app is started it
> connects permanently to the sip server.
> Unfortunately , for app compiled against ios10 sdk this method has been
> removed and all voip application should adopt pushkit.
> I’m actually doing some tests and i’ve decided to use kamailio as sip
> server.
> my goal actually is that:
> if the user is not registered kamailio launches a script in the server
> that sends apns to apple server and as soon as the device is registered
> sends invite command to che client.
> if user is already registered sends directly the invite request to the
> client.
> does anyone know if there’s something already done / ready to use ? if not
> can anyone point me to what i need to read to accomplish this action ?
> ( as i said, as it’s only for testing pourpouse i don’t need any
> particular check about if client is ios or method to get the client token )
> Thanks in advance
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