Thanks for the feedback ... but the current SSH.com SSH2 is version
3.0.x.  The 2.0.12 version at issue here is circa 1995.

After further internal discussions, in our case the simplest solution
may simply be to move to 3.0.x.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 09:25:49AM -0400, Sundland, Raymond wrote:
> Bryan,
> This is due to the way the new SSH.com's client has "modified" the scp.
> There is a SECSH standard for scp2, which openssh does not follow.  Openssh
> uses the old SSH1-style, or even better, rcp-style host-to-host copies.
> Resolution?  I don't know.  We have a similar problem with scp'ing from our
> OpenSSH boxes to some Vandyke Vshell (SECSH-compliant) SSH server.  If you
> find something out, let me know.  The only thing we were able to do is to do
> an interactive session if you want to upload files.  For download, we've
> found that using sftp works in an automated fashion.
> -Ray
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bryan Hodgson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 4:47 PM
> Subject: SSH 2.0.12 scp2 wont talk to OpenSSH scp
> A Solaris 2.6 machine sporting version 2.0.12 of SSH, using protocol 2
> public key authentication (no problem) refuses to talk protocol 2 for an
> scp operation with an OpenSSH client, version 2.9, running on Solaris 8,
> transferring the file by protocol 1 instead (according to the
> messages).  Protocol 2 seems to work for all other purposes (including,
> evidently, sftp according to the debug3 statements on file transfers).
> I live on the Solaris 8 box.
> On the 2.6 machine, /usr/local/bin/scp is a symlink to scp2.
> A (names changed to protect the innocent) copy of an scp session
> follows.  It tells the tale.
> scp -v name@<address.hidden>:/home/name/temp/testfile.txt .
> Executing: program /usr/local/bin/ssh host <address.hidden>, user name,
> command scp -v -f /home/name/temp/testfile.txt
> warning: Development-time debugging not compiled in.
> warning: To enable, configure with --enable-debug and recompile.
> warning: Executing scp1 compatibility.
> Sending file modes: C0644 11 testfile.txt
> testfile.txt         100%
> |********************************************|    11       00:00 
> The file is transferred successfully.   
> Absent -v, I'm a bit strapped to diagnose the problem.  Apart from
> persuading these folks to upgrade to a more current ssh (politically
> unlikely), I'm about stuck on getting scp to work in v2 mode.
> I'm guessing a bit at the remote ssh version number, but "ssh -v -l name
> <address.hidden> ls" says (in part) : debug1: Remote protocol version
> 1.99, remote software version 2.0.12 (non-commercial)
> Suggestions welcome.  More debug output available if there's any
> interest.

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