On (14/10/16 13:54), lslebodn wrote:
>  URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/13
>Title: #13: MEMBEROF: Don't resolve members if they are removed
>lslebodn commented:
>On (14/10/16 04:48), celestian wrote:
>>I did manual testing with reproducer above. And I ran chmake (it is without 
>>intg., isn't it).
>>Now I check ldap patch with intg.
>Then the question is why manual testing is different than newly added
>integration tests.
>BTW It is possible that patch in memberof plugin can safe some unnecessary
>ldb operations and can be considered as perfomance enhancement.
>But it's impossible to say that without proper integration test.

I am still expecting answer to the comment even though that some
patches were pushed.

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