It took me a lot longer than I expected but here it is at last. This is my set of scripts that use vagrant and Ansible to automatically provision virtual environment that I use to develop and test SSSD.

To create this environment you only need to run one command:
$ ./setup.sh

and after a while you have several machines provisioned and ready. This machines include LDAP, IPA and AD servers with one machine dedicated to
SSSD. This machine is already enrolled to those servers.

To start building and/or testing SSSD with all available providers, you can just run:
$ vagrant ssh client

Additionally, it allows you to automatically source your set of scripts on each login and access IPA web-ui from your browser.

I tried to make the provisioning as fast as possible but it still takes approximately one hour on my machine. So be patient.

Any ideas and patches for improvements are welcomed.

The source is available at:
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