the way XEP-0359 is currently worded a server would have to clean
(remove fake stanza-ids) in all kind of stanza (including presences
and IQ).
However realistically it will only insert stanza-ids into messages.
Nobody I talked to sees a usecase for injecting stanza-ids into
presences or even IQs.

That's why I suggest to explicitly limit the XEP to message stanzas
(for now). If we in the future want to expand that XEP to more stanzas
(and expand the rules on sanitizing fake IDs) we can remove that
wording and bump the namespace.

I don't want to rename the XEP to Message-IDs for two reasons though.
1) I want this XEP to act as in invitation for future expansion in
case someone at sometime will have a usecase for injecting stanza-ids
into presences
2) I don't want to rename the element and break existing code


P.S.: Semi related there is also a PR to clear up some of the wording
regarding what JID to use in the by attributes:
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