Le jeudi 8 février 2018, 16:59:47 CET W. Martin Borgert a écrit :

> For e.g. Movim both a logo for service and for a node seems to be
> useful.

icons for service and node are useful indeed

> > I think specifying avatars for each PubSub *node* could be tricky. For
> > services (which I assume you meant) see below.
> If there were a "magic" item on a node, it never must be removed
> automatically, but only on user request, right?

I find this thing awfull, it's mixing metadata with main data.

I think we would do better by implementing a notification mecanism for config 
options, as notification may be useful not only for avatar/icon. We could 
use the same sementic as for nodes, but with a different namespace.


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