On 14.02.20 10:13, Georg Lukas wrote:
> * Florian Schmaus <f...@geekplace.eu> [2020-02-13 21:14]:
>> With the advent of WebSockets and QUIC around the corner, we shouldn't
>> miss the opportunity to allow stream resumption over different
>> transports (TCP, BOSH, WebSocket, QUIC, …).
> Indeed, this is one historical quirk of 0198 that needs to be fixed,
> specifically the `location` element in
> https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0198.html#enable
> There even was a short thread about this element back in 2017:
> https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2017-December/034065.html

Thanks for the pointer. :)

> However, I don't see a way to address this problem without bumping 0198.

I do (in case you are talking about a namespace bump): Compatible
clients would just tell their service which transport bindings they
support and the service responds with the per-transport location

Also note that clients may choose to simply omit this information if
they are fine with performing an opportunistic resumption which
potentially fails.

- Florian

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