At 10:33 PM -0500 10/26/04, Andy Driscoll wrote:
I do not know Ms. Sifferle (I think), but I am compelled by the presence of
this endorsement of her candidacy to question as to why she is opposing the
re-election of Judge Michael Fetsch.

I can tell you why I am compelled to respond, and explain why I am supporting this candidate.

Because it's her right to challenge him
It further fosters democracy ( especially in judicial elections )

We all know these judges go unchallenged and an uncontested election is not democracy. Frankly I wish more lawyers would step up to the plate and run against these judges. But many will tell you they don't want to run against an incumbent judge who might hear a case they have if they loose to them. So I have to hand it to someone who actually has the guts to run against a judge.

I don't think I know Judge Fetsch, can't recall him from anything I have ever seen so have no reason to believe he is a bad judge, I also have no reason to believe he is a good one either. Maybe if more people start to challenge these judges then we will learn more about the incumbents because they will have to run a campaign and tell people what they do. Right now once your appointed to a seat on the bench, your there for life baby (well unless a seat on a higher court comes open and you get appointed to that).

John Birrenbach
*VOTE: Micky Mouse for all unchallenged judges

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Chris Coleman Jan 21, 2004
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