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Brian McSweeney wrote:

Hi all,
Quick question. I want to implement a shopping cart. I know this has been done a million times in a million open source projects however I have a few questions, and seeing as everyone in here seems so
What I'd like:
1) User can add to shopping cart without having to check in. (checkout
requires login).
2) User can leave the site and un-checked out shopping cart data will
The options I have to implement the shopping cart:
a) Cookies - satisfies 1 and 2, but assumes user doesn't turn off
b) HttpSession object - satisfies 1, but not 2
c) Database shopping cart object - satisfies 2, but not 1.
I'd like to know,
a) am I basically correct with these assumptions.
b) What would people recommend based on their experience.
c) any struts open source project that might have this?
Thanks very much,

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