Hey Tero,
Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate the tips.

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> The options I have to implement the shopping cart:
> a)       Cookies -  satisfies 1 and 2, but assumes user 
> doesn't turn off
> cookies
> b)       HttpSession object - satisfies 1, but not 2
> c)       Database shopping cart object - satisfies 2, but not 1.
> I'd like to know,
> a)       am I basically correct with these assumptions.
> b)       What would people recommend based on their experience.
> c)   any struts open source project that might have this?

Use a combination of a), b) and c) :)

Store an identifier to the shopping cart in session
(security implications here...make sure you don't
code an unsecure app), store the shopping cart itself in
db, use session cookies (or URL rewriting) to identify,
which session the user requests are associated to
(this is done automatically by your servlet container).

I'm sure you can do this in multiple ways, but that's
how I would do it.


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