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What happens if the user has selected VPM-B as a deco algorithm? Are there
any differences in the calculation of the heat map?

The heat map should not change when you change the decompression algorithm.
The whole point of it is that it provides a visual impression that you can
use to compare algorithms. Therefore making it algorithm dependent would
mean moving the goal posts.

The heat map only depends on the inert gas partial pressures in the
different compartments. And both algorithms agree on that part.

That said, due to a bug (you found that as well), it changed since some of
the data was not properly initialized when in amp-b mode. But that should
be fixed by now. (BTW: That but had also affected the old tissue saturation
plot for vpm-b but there, nobody noticed…).


Excellent Robert, thank you. I was not sure whether a critical bubble
radius was used as a limiting yardstick. The reason I asked is because the
upper group of colours are calculated as a proportion of the M-value, which
is a Bühlmann (or more correctly a Workman) approach. Is this correct at
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