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> I am not saying it has to be like this (or I am convince that this is a
good description for what is actually going on in the body) but it seems to
me this is at least a (tacit) assumption of decompression models.
> There is another practical complication (when you want a representation
like the heat map with one value per tissue and instant of time): There is
potentially more than one inert gas. It it absolutely possible for example
that He is off-gassing while N is on-gassing (but some people argue that
this is bad for the effectiveness of decompression, they call this isobaric
counter diffusion). What are you going to plot in this situation?
Using the 'percentage' variable, we are considering total inert gas, and
the M value is calculated accordingly. I do not propose to change this.



I will hold off a bit with the user manual content until the patches are in
master. ok? i will replace current graphics with a new one.
I think the expansion of the yellow zone is excellent.
I also think Robert's argument about total ambient pressure vs equilibrium
inert gas pressure is persuasive.

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