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    Still trying the latest APK on my phones.

    No way to download dives from my Petrel 2 on my 4 different phones.

    On a Google Nexus 5 only I don't get the BT FAIL error on my Petrel.
    IMHO On Subsurface the UI error message is fake: "no new dives
    were found on this device" but I don't think there was a real data
    transfer because I get the same error while downloading dives from
    my Samsung TV.

    What can I do to get the dives on my phone?

    I attached a screenshot of the app log.

    Why don't you use a text control hence text can be selected and
    copy pasted here?

    Thank you as always


On a Samsung S6 (Android 7.0)  the phone sees my Petrel 2 and pairs to it. However, when downloading dives, the phone only sees a BTLE device and apparently cannot handle the BTLE mode (error 133). Have no idea why it doesn't  also see an ordinary BT device. Therefore no downloads.
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