Yes, I know very well the relation about salinity (density) and pressure
(depth). There is a delta between 2% and 3%. As a matter of fact is
pressure (even apparent one) to rule Henry’s Law and depth is only
determined by salinity.

Anyway some diving systems are really strict about max depth more than max
pressure :)

A way to fix salinity would be welcome, even hex editing configuration file.

Il giorno sab 14 apr 2018 alle 13:40 Robert Helling <> ha

> Hi,
> On 14. Apr 2018, at 11:36, tormento <> wrote:
> I noticed that some of my old dives were imported with 1000g/l water.
> Is there any way to edit, manually or automatically the salinity of those
> ones?
> it’s true that currently you cannot change the water type (was: salinity)
> of a dive downloaded from a computer, you can only use the value provided
> by the computer. This is a) because nobody has implemented a user interface
> to change it and b) (more importantly) because the water type is not so
> much about how salty the water tasted but how to convert ambient pressure
> (which is what the dive computer actually measures) to depths and back. But
> what the computer reports is depth and for the calculations (like SAC and
> the deco stuff) we again need the ambient pressure. So this is off if the
> dive computer and Subsurface do not agree on the conversion factor. So even
> if you were diving is sea water and your dive computer was set to fresh
> water (or missing that setting not set at all) it would still be better to
> log this as fresh water in Subsurface (to get the conversions right) than
> to manually set that to salt water (or we would have to correct the depths
> accordingly).
> Best
> Robert
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