The latest build that I pushed this morning seems to behave much better, even 
on my old phone where I could "kind of" reproduce what you describe.

Did you have a chance to try it?


On April 14, 2018 10:11:31 PM PDT, Linus Torvalds 
<> wrote:
>On Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 21:08 Linus Torvalds
>> It's very clear, and happens both with all trips collapsed and with
>one or
>> more trips exposed. I can scroll down once, but when I try to scroll
>> further, at first nothing happens at all, then it resets to an
>> state (maybe back to the top) and then it scrolls down some more.
>Ok, so there is a pattern to the oddity.
>I tried to move my finger very slowly and keep track of where my finger
>and which entry I was touching.
>I may not be great at explaining the behavior I see, but imagine that
>have all trips collapsed, and the first scroll event is you touching a
>right in the middle of the screen, and slowly moving your finger up.
>Everything works fine.
>It at least *almost* fine. I think there is an off-by-one error, where
>I put my finger down tp before I move it, the dive list jumps by one
>So there is a small jerk event happening even there, but it's almost
>unnoticeable. The scrolling itself is fairly smooth once I start moving
>Then, release the finger, and start the next scroll event lower down
>three quarters of to the bottom), and moved your finger up to scroll.
>During that second scroll event, *nothing* happens in the screen for me
>first, until my finger hits the point where I started the *first*
>(so I moved my finger from 3/4 down the screen up to the halfway point
>without anything moving at all). But when I hit that point where I
>my previous scroll, the dive log screen resets to where it was the
>scroll event, and then starts scrolling with my finger again.
>So I never and up making any actual progress, and it feels really jerky
>because part of the time the screen doesn't react to the finger at all,
>then when you pass a certain point it jumps and starts reacting again,
>at the wrong place.
>So there seems to be some "screen offset" thing going on, with some
>Except *occasionally* the second scroll event works fine. So I can make
>some progress every once in a while. I didn't figure out the pattern
>that, though.
>       Linus

from my phone.
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