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> On Sat, Aug 11, 2018, 07:14 Dirk Hohndel <d...@hohndel.org 
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> The fact that everywhere else we use the decimal value of VID/PID, but in 
> that file we use hex really doesn't make it easier to find what could be wrong
> when you are searching for it.
> Honestly, it's the "everywhere else we use decimal" that is just strange and 
> wrong.
> USB IDs are pretty much always given in hex. Decimal values there are just 
> really odd. I was wondering why you used them earlier.
> Every single tool that reports USB IDs that I've ever seen has used the hex 
> format.

I need to check if device_filter.xml is smart enough to understand hex.
Frankly, I just followed what was used there.
Yes, hex would be better. But all decimal is better than some decimal and some 

Just my $0.03


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