On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 10:27:21PM -0400, Art Hunkins wrote:
> IIRC, the XO-1 and SoaS work differently when either downloading
> Activities, or copying them via USB. (I'm forgetting now whether it's
> one or the other or both.) In any case, the XO-1 registers them to the
> list immediately, whereas on SoaS, a reboot is required for the new
> Activities to appear.
> It certainly would be nice for SoaS to act like the XO-1 in this
> regard.

I agree.  I'm afraid I don't yet know the code well enough to figure out
why it happens.  I suggest you raise a bug against SoaS to have new
activities registered immediately without a reboot.

> And, yes, the X-server indeed seems to terminate (via error -
> several messages sometimes appear on the screen) differently on SoaS
> from on the XO-1. Would again be helpful to address.

Unless there's a need for a restartable X server, I don't think this
needs to be fixed.

James Cameron
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