The solution for routing is to define a type that switches of the rerouting
device and the use that type for the traci-added vehicles  (,_Vehicle_Types,_and_Routes#Devices

    <vType id="no_rerouting">
        <param key="has.rerouting.device" value="false"/>

Regarding insertion:
- we know that dealing with insertion failure via TraCI is currently very
inconvenient and will address it
- newly-inserted vehicles that cannot fit into the network are put into an
insertion buffer
- the ID-list gives you all vehicles that are on the road or parking but
not in the insertion buffer
- you cannot add the vehicle again because it's in the buffer waiting to be
  - one solution would be to set the option --max-depart-delay 0 which
discards vehicles immediately after insertion fails once   (however, that
affects all vehicles)
  - vehicles in the insertion buffer can be deleted (or you can just catch
the exception)


2016-09-20 10:47 GMT+02:00 Matěj Kubička <>:

> - Routing is enabled explictly in the scenario with the "probability
> option".
> - The traci-added vehicles do change their route.
> - I don't want to mess with the scenario.
> Is there a way (simple or otherwise) to suppress rerouting for traci-added
> vehicles?
> Another problem I am facing is with insertion failures: when traci fails
> to add a vehicle to the network it doesn't seem to report it in any way. My
> workaround is to test whether the vehicle is in the simulation on the next
> time step. If not, I add it. Curiously, I get vehicles that are reportedly
> not added to the simulation (not in the ID list), yet when I try to add it
> again the simulation crashes on exception "vehicle ID already in network".
> ~Matej.
> On 19.9.2016 08:32, Jakob Erdmann wrote:
> Hello,
> generally, vehicles do not change their route after being added to the
> simulation (via TraCI or otherwise).
> They retain the route that you assigned in the vehicle.add() method.
> Routing must be enabled explicitly via vehicle devices (this would apply
> to traci-added vehicles if the device probability option is used) or
> Rerouter elements (
> regards,
> Jakob
> 2016-09-18 11:48 GMT+02:00 Matěj Kubička <matej.kubicka@l2s.
>> Hello,
>> is it possible to disable rerouting for vehicles added to simulation via
>> TraCI? -- I need them to follow exactly the path I've set for them. My
>> current solution is to call traci.vehicle.SetRouteID at each step. This
>> sometimes ends in "route replacement failed" exception (presumably
>> because the vehicle is already on another route).
>> I want to avoid global rerouting disable.
>> Thanks,
>> Matej.
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