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I've just received a comment relating to my last email. It's made me realize that the wording of my inquiry has been misleading. To clarify, I'm interested in hearing of the locations of any public analemmatic dials with two analemma curves marked - one for afternoon use and one for morning use. I am not referring dials consisting of a horizontal dial with an analemmatic addition on the face (Double Horizontals)

My inquiry would bo doubt been clearer if I had used the term Split Analemmatic.

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On 2016-09-21 9:30 AM, Steve Lelievre wrote:
Hello all,

A week ago, I emailed the Sundial listserv asking for information about locations of public Double Analemmatic dials. I indicated that I would send out a list of any locations notified to me. However, other than a couple of very kind offers to doing some checking, I have not had any replies.

At present then, the only public Double Analemmatics known to me are the well-known example at Longwood Gardens (Pennsylvania, USA), and Brian Albinson's work in North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada). Brian's bright and cheery example at Highlands Elementary School is a nice fun dial. A photo, with Brian as operator, is available at https://goo.gl/photos/kZ67gP1k4XjdMf3V9



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