Hi Steve,

Does the *user* need to code execline scripts, or is it just
something the program does? If the former, then make a point that one
doesn't need to use execline for s6-rc to be a very powerful startup

No the user doesn't need to write execline scripts. The following equally applies to s6-rc.

Refer to:https://skarnet.org/software/s6/overview.html
"execline makes it natural to handle long command lines made of massive amounts of chain loading. This is by no means mandatory, though: a run script can be any executable file you want, provided that running it eventually results in a long-lived process with the same PID."

Regarding creating a s6 subdir of bin. I have some 1325 applications (FreeBSD people call them ports), only 1 has a separate directory under bin.

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