sure, that was just an idea for Jan, he could just create a dir somewhere,
populate it with symlinks he prefers to the original s6 tools and put this dir
in front of the PATH when running s6 since it seems the utilities do not bother 
under what name they run.

Right, but I've heard enough people complain about s6's UI that a one-stop
wrapper command sounds like a good idea anyway.

ok. i was more about insights into the design of the whole s6-rc toolset.
are the up/down scripts run by a dedicated service from within the supervision
tree? what exactly is the task of the "s6-rc-oneshot-run" and
"s6-rc-fdholder-filler" internal programs ? how is the startup organized,
how are "longruns" and "oneshots" intertwined ?

having to read the sources to get this information is somewhat inconvenient.

 This is exactly what I was saying: I'm not documenting those details
because I don't want to be bound by them. The s6-rc-fdholder-filler API
changed right before; making this necessary change would have been
a lot more difficult if people had relied on details of the interface.

If you're doing something that requires knowledge of the internal programs,
you're definitely good enough to read the code. :P


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