As a test for portability for the 66 software, other than its display
case based on arch - called obarun - a couple of devs recently tried it
in a few distributions that have the s6 in their repository.

Funtoo was the first target and this was done by a dev
who used plasma on obarun and used plasma on funtoo.

Void has s6 and 66 is under testing but boot-66serv has to be installed
separately with a modification to match void's choice of placing
services in /usr/share instead of the original /usr/lib.  With 6-7
commands and it booted to a tty of choice.  I've been using it daily
since (I was shown the way) in musl flavor.  A delight and a more
responsive system (feels that way) than the OEM runit.  I wish I had one
of the 7-9 alternative void architectures to do further testing but all
I have is refurbished tired x64s.

Then there was adelie and kiss (an alpha system with similarities to
gentoo but installs in little time) with similar ease.

With debian there is the obstacle of s6 being intentionally broken by
dislocated skalibs but I am speculating there is more to it.  How often
has a broken package been available in the 4 level hierarchy of debian?
If it was on experimental I can understand, but there are two versions,
recent and previous s6 and libs, both broken, in sid,testing,stable.  I
may be paranoid but isn't this also preventing devuan and antiX (and its
MX derivative) from effectively trying s6 unless they uniquely rename
the packages confusing users?

I know that the scope of this list is in hacking experimental init and
service supervision software but what better way to test the work other
than displaying it in more popular distributions?
All one needs past s6 is boot-66serv
# git clone
# cd boot-66serv
# ./configure --bindir=/usr/bin --shebangdir=/usr/bin
--with-system-service=/usr/lib-{or share or whatever}/66/service
# make install

I think it would take an earth-shaking new development for someone to
pry me away from 66 for years to come, if I have that much left in me.

PS  I am writing this still shaking in anger from reading Jesse Smith's
Distrowatch review of Obarun, using an old image with a previous
installer, declining its initial prompt to update the installer and
theme, failing the installation and moving on to bluestar, a desktop
theme customizer of arch, and finding it wonderful.  This is after
listing Obarun for 1.5 years, declining to correct its information for
more than 7 months, and bad mouthing it, in the same article where its
headline lists Devuan as Debuan2.1.  Same guy reviewed Adelie (near its
beta life end) and failed to see s6 in it.

Has RH and its mother... IBM converted the open and free software world
into a head-butting ring?  No, there are others at fault for that as
well.  Arch for example is pushing facebook's compression algorithm into
its packaging by default.  I am now going to shut off this machine and
take my 30yo Bridgestone cycle with friction shifters out for a ride in
this fine sunny wintery day, because I am getting too disgusted from
doing any real work, hopefully no big truck will run in my way.  :)
Did you know there are now about 3 corporations responsible for about
90% of the bikes made?  A "free" choice among 1300 models.

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