Hi Mohamed,

1. For 14MPx - there's incorrect fps from the sensor in the firmware you've
been using - we have fixed it - you can find it here (20180406)
To enable 14Mpx - apart from the changes in the device tree and 10389's
eeprom, set the TRIG parameter to 0 (the default config is 0x4 meaning
triggered mode) then you can check the timestamps in
http://camera-ip/parsedit.php > "last 9 images, 3 per row, scale=0.2". It
should be ~11.07 for the full frame. Then you can save the config at

2. About recording.
Don't know how you are downloading the footage. Do you record on the sda1
or sda2? Also, image format jpeg (COLOR=0) or jp4 (COLOR=5)?

If sda1 - it's scp over network or switching camera's SSD to PC, mounting
and copying.

If sda2 (which is the raw partition) - don't know if you figured out how to
download images - there are a few ways:

   - over network using dd:

Note: When recording to the raw parition the driver creates a file
/mnt/sda1/camogm.disk and stores partition info with write pointers
measured in LBA units (512B each). It uses the info to restart recording
from where it left of (to start from the beginning remove this file).
This camogm.disk will also tell you how much you need to download from the

# line below will download 200MB from the start of the partition:
ssh root@camera-ip "dd if=/dev/sda2 bs=20M count=10 | gzip -1 -" | dd
unpack to image.bin
from inside the directory with image.bin

   - via eSATA cable connected to PC and the camera:

Try using int_ssd_download.py (from
https://git.elphel.com/Elphel/elphel-tools-x393). Then you will need
split_mov.php as well.

Best regards,
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