> I reformatted the drive so sda2 is raw. Now I'm trying to copy a recording
> from there. I'm not sure what you meant by:
> run
> master/footage_downloader/split_mov.php from inside the directory with
> image.bin

I meant - download the script and run it (provided php is installed), for
* save the split_mov.php to directory with downloaded footage (<some_dir>)
Then in terminal:
$ cd <some_dir>
$ php split_mov.php

* The footage can be the one you downloaded from the raw partition or you
can test with any .mov (just change the extension to .bin).
* The script scans the working directory (<some_dir>) for *.bin files then
opens them as binary, looks for images (by exif header marker) and extracts

Also, when I use the 14MPx sensors with nand, the cameras don't always show
> up. Sometimes only one shows up or none of them do. Any ideas what might be
> wrong?
Don't know, need to test.
Are there 2 sensors?
When a single sensor shows up - is it always the same port? which one?

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