JD wrote:
> Roger Fink wrote:
>> JD wrote:
>>> Roger Fink wrote:
>>>> I doubt if there is an easy fix for this, but if there is, this is
>>>> a
>>>> good place to find it. Problem: Google Street View only works
>>>> intermittently. Sometimes everything loads fine: I click on the
>>>> "Street View" in the box overlaid on the street map, and the camera
>>>> street pan is displayed. But lately most of the time the box
>>>> doesn't
>>>> even load. Nor does the slider on the left to increase/decrease the
>>>> zoom.
>>>> There are other javascript problems with this installation, such as
>>>> the cookie list taking a very long time to load, or the popup box
>>>> taking a very long time to accept or get rid of a checkmark, each
>>>> usually accompanied by an error message. Maybe it's all related, or
>>>> maybe not.
>>>> Using SM 1.1.9. No problem in IE.
>>> I just checked and it works great for me. SM 1.1.14, Windows XP.
>>> I've never had a problem with Google street view and SM. I know this
>>> doesn't
>>> help you very much but I don't think it's a SM problem. I don't have
>>> to change my UA either.
>> I just created a new profile and Street View now works with that
>> with no problem. I think my extensions, alone or interacting with
>> one another, are the cause of the problem:
>> Adblock Plus, Dictionary Search, Extension Manager/EM API, Image
>> Zoom, Menu Editor, No Squint, Prefbar, Themer, xSidebar and Minimize
>> to Tray.
>> I've been throught quite a few SeaMonkey upgradess, and the
>> extension list (not necessarily the version numbers) has remained
>> constant, a couple of the newer ones being added as they became
>> available. Every upgrade I can recall with the present extension set
>> has eventually developed javascript problems.
> All I have is PrefBar and Adblock Plus. I'm not familiar with Image
> Zoom
> but since we're dealing with images that would be my first suspect.
> ;-)
> Since it works with the new profile I guess you could start installing
> your extensions and see which one creates the problem?

They are already installed and everything is working the way it should. The
problem, which I fully expect to recur, is that down the road, during normal
use, I will do something - don't know what - perhaps it's triggered by
script on a site but maybe not, and I'll be back in the same boat.
Occasionally it may even correct itself after awhile, but not for long.

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