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Tony wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Tony wrote:
Bill Davidsen wrote:
That is, the fonts used to present menus, etc. The Fedora Linux
releases of seamonkey have those fonts set to something very small
(perhaps 4-6pt) and I can't seem to change them.

- font settings in about:config
- using other themes

The first changes font sizes in the browser or mail text display, but
not the "subjects" display or the grey (in classic theme) area. I'm
out of ideas, where are these set? And as a side issue, shouldn't
their size be in about:config?

I have a related question: where can I change the default view for text
from 100% to 110% on a permanent basis. I know how to change it under
View --> Text Zoom -->Other

The reason I ask is that I recently replaced my 17" CRT (resolution set
to 1280x1024 and was very readable) for a 19" LCD (resolution is
1440x990). Certain sites like Foxnews.com are relatively tiny at 100%
but 110% is good. Changing the font sizes in preferences under
appearance doesn't help.

Tony, if you set the resolution on the LCD to the same 1280x1024 as
you had on the CRT, how do things look?? or is this size not available
on the LCD??

The LCD is won't do the 1024 portion. the old CRT was a "square" design
and the LCD is wide screen design. Even setting the system (Win XP)
properties to show larger icons/text doesn't cut it in SM. System looks
fine, SM small.

So, if you were to select any of the screen resolutions that has a vertical resolution of 1280 (like your old CRT had), how do the icon appear? Any to your liking?

No, they appear squished. One good way to calibrate the screen is to load Google Earth and then with the globe visible, make it round. that sets a good approximation.
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